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Over a million theses in biologic sciences are written each year. Despite rich findings embedded in these theses, most theses remain confined to the racks of libraries. eMedPub therefore, wishes to encourage scientists to place their theses on sites of specialty ejournals.  These will not be edited by the ejournal .

Subscribers of ejournal will be able to freely access your theses for scientific reference.

The ejournal will levy a handling fee of US$100 depending on the size of the thesis.

Please briefly review the Instructions for Authors before proceeding to the submission steps .

Steps for Thesis Submission:

1. Select the Journal under which you wish to submit your Thesis.

2. Signup/Log in to the journal using the navigation bar at the top of the page. [If you are signing up for the first time, a password will be emailed to you which you must change as soon as you log in.]

3. Once you have logged in, click “Submit Article” at the top of the page.

4. Authors must fill out all the Submission Fields. Please be sure to select “Thesis” as the “Type of Manuscript”. Also, be sure to select the correct journal under which you will be submitting your Thesis. eMedPub has streamlined the Article submission system to ensure that the process is simple and less time consuming for Authors.

5. Upload your Thesis along with the mandatory Author Submission forms which can be downloaded from the bottom of the page: Instructions for Authors

6. Click Submit

7. The Thesis will be briefly reviewed and once it is accepted for publication, a payment link will be emailed to the Author. [To request a payment waiver, please write to us at office@emedpub.com ]

8. Once the payment is processed, the publication will be available under the “Thesis” section of the Journal under which it was submitted.

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